Known Issues - Please read first!

Spotted something that's not working as you think it should? Post bug reports in here and read about the known issues.
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Known Issues - Please read first!

Postby Carlos » Thu Mar 04, 2010 9:09 pm

Please check this list of known bugs before posting, to avoid duplicate issues! Also note the System Requirements at the bottom of this post.

Known Issues - Being Addressed
  • (SL) - Refreshing recorded TV list can fail on multi-core client machines.

Known Bugs - To Be Addressed
  • (APP) - Cancelling a recording that is already in progress does not fully cancel the recording. (although a new recording can be scheduled) NOTE: It is currently proving very hard to provide the functionality to cancel recordings already in progress, it can't be guaranteed that this will be implemented in the near future

Known Issues - Probably won't be addressed
  • Media Center will not re-scan channels when Remote Potato is running - says a 'serious error' occurred. See the FAQ for more info and solution.
  • Remote Potato won't work through port 443 - this is a Windows compatibility issue.
  • Recording is limited to 50 shows per recording request.
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