Record Setting disregarded from some platforms

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Record Setting disregarded from some platforms

Postby bladnman » Thu Apr 26, 2012 3:41 pm

My RP server settings are "BEST / 3600 seconds after".

When I use the SilverLight client and select "record show" it uses the default "BEST" setting and only allows me to enter up to 30 minutes after (no way to do 1 hour).

The iPhone app DOES NOT listen to anything set at the server, so all shows record at FAIR and 1 minute after. These settings are not changeable

This was not a cheap client and an expensive way to figure out that it too does not allow any selection of quality nor time after to record. And also does not warrant anything elected in the server settings.

If the Silverlight client can send these settings can we at LEAST have the iOS clients use the same APIs?
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