Initial setup weirdness

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Initial setup weirdness

Postby BlueHare » Sat Jun 30, 2012 3:25 am

I have seen this application mentioned several times in various htpc forums. Having just set up an htpc to control a new HDTV, I thought I would give it a spin. I assumed this app was designed for Win7 Media Center. Perhaps a wrong assumption? I encountered some unexpected weirdness in the initial installation and setup. (This is a fairly vanilla installation of Win7 Ultimate SP1, with all updates applied.)

(A) First the installer insisted on installing .NET framework 4, despite it already being installed. Assuming the reason is that Remote Potato requires some earlier version than the latest, what will happen when the Windows installer automatically updates .NET back to the latest level?

(B) Once installed, a message window indicated the service would not start. For the simple reason that it could not log in. Well, duh. Of course it couldn't login, because there was already a user logged in. Namely, the same user that the service was trying to log in. But, that was what the Remote Potato wizard asked for, so that is the login I gave it. In fact, whenever this machine is turned on, it logs in automatically and loads up Media Center because the sole function of the machine is to run Media Center. It will never be sitting idle at a login screen if that is what Remote Potato expects.

From long past experience, I have found it a bad idea to run services under specific user IDs. (One reason being issues such as just described) So, I popped open the Services manager and changed the service to run under a system ID rather than as a user. I was then able to instantly start the service.

These issues aside, it seems a pleasant program to work with. (Accessed from a LAN, which is my primary intent)
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