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Streaming Music Question

PostPosted: Wed Apr 18, 2012 7:04 pm
by Ash2097
Hi, I have just installed this to my server running WHS2011 and connected via my iPhone so far I have setup photos and videos and seems to be running smoothly but when I go to add my music to software it asks for Windows Media Player info, as this is purely just a WHS 2011 server I do not intend on setting up WMP, I just have the music stored locally under E:\ServerFolders\Music is there another way to add this to my Remote Potato library and access it on the iPhone app without using WMP? Also as a new user is running Remote Potato on my server secure? I have it setup using IP and my WHS 2011 Username / Password, by opening the ports as required will this make it more of a risk? Sorry I do not have much networking knowledge.