Dates in RP guide off by a day

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Dates in RP guide off by a day

Postby docprego » Mon Mar 19, 2012 1:45 am

Every new program that I click on in the program guide displays an incorrect date. For example the Celebrity Apprentice airs tonight at 9PM and is a new episode. WMC reports the original air date as 3/18/2012 which is correct. However in RP using both the HTML and Silverlight program guides the original air date is listed at 3/17/2012. This occurs for every single program that is new and not a repeat and makes it very confusing to know when new programs are airing.

Is there a setting somewhere in RP that can deal with this? I have looked carefully and don't see anything that might be related. The only close option is "Keep in sync (paranoid mode), which I do have checked. WMC is reporting everything correctly, RP is not.

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Re: Dates in RP guide off by a day

Postby andreaseide » Wed Apr 11, 2012 11:01 am

It might be some summertime/timezone issue.
What timezone are you in?

Is both your server and client in the same timezone?
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Re: Dates in RP guide off by a day

Postby docprego » Tue Apr 17, 2012 2:55 am

I'm in the Pacific time zone. My server is on my Windows 7 HTPC in my office and the client is on the same machine. The dates are also off when I access the program guide via my phone with the HTML interface.
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Re: Dates in RP guide off by a day

Postby BlueHare » Sat Jun 30, 2012 8:13 pm

We are on Arizona time, which is perpetually Mountain Standard time, UTC-7. Therefore, at present we are same time as your PDT.

I just installed RP yesterday, essentially to use for scheduling my HTPC (in the TV room) from my desktop computer (or from my wife's desktop) on the same LAN. The date issue reported here was one of the first oddities my wife noticed after putting it into use. Confused her no end until we realized it is just a program bug. My wife's first thought was the "original air date" was being reported by RP in Brit time. However, I quickly demonstrated to her that while there are parts of the world where the time is one day LATER than our local time, there is no place in the world the time EVER is one day EARLIER. Most likely the issue does involve UTC because that is the time used universally in listing services, and the issue is simply a mis-coded calculation in conversion to local time. My guess it that the bug affects everyone living west of the UTC.

Unfortunately, the fact we are the only ones in the world to notice (or care enough to report) means this probably will get fixed around 2017, if ever. But, on the bright side, given the error is consistently off by one day, we can simply add one to whatever we see and live with it. ;)

It appears to me that scheduling is somewhat an afterthought in this application. It took me about 15 minutes of use to come up with a list of a dozen or so obvious shortcomings with the guide/scheduling part of the app. (No access to the other guide lists readily available in 7MC, such as HDTV; channels presented without channel numbers yet sorted numerically, etc., etc.) If the author were to produce a stripped-down version of the program that did nothing but scheduling, but did it much better than in this app, it would be a much easier app to write and maintain, yet I predict he would find that there would be a sizable number of people willing to pay him for it. Not as donations, but as actual commerce. I certainly would. However, authors of "donationware" typically work that way because they do not want to put in the level of commitment that paid software implies. So, that is probably a pipe dream. Sigh.

In the meantime I will make occasional use of this until I find a better remote scheduling tool.
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