Time out for large files

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Time out for large files

Postby chad wooden » Wed Jun 13, 2012 2:01 am

If timout occured due to large number of files, it would be nice if (instead of timing out) it displayed those files for which it did have time to process.. I have much music (250 gigs or so)... When i try to connect using my iphone, i get the message: Couldn't fetch the remote music library, please try again later. I am going to post a new thread concerning this issue. However, to help clarify my suggestion here, I am including the log file for the error. Gleaming what i can from this log, i see that it timed out in exactly 30 seconds. Seems that I read a thread concerning this issue. i think you said future plans might be to allow more time before time out..?
Thanks for you assistance. I will start a thread about this issue in an appropriate location.

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