Extended remote command options

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Extended remote command options

Postby a11an » Tue Mar 20, 2012 11:43 am

First of all, amazing application!!!

One thing that I would find very useful, and hope others would too, would be to extend the remote command options. What I mean by this, is to allow the option to play the tv/music locally on the media center. I can see a button on the guide or music page like 'Play on Media Center'.

I could see this working really well on the mobile site, it would make Remote Potato not only a remote scheduling and streaming application, but also an advanced remote control.

Also to add to this (sorry i'm being greedy :)) would also output metadata of what is currently playing. I would also love to see these features in the Android Remote Media Center application. I would use the guide on my tablet for everything.

What do you think ?
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