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One more button

Postby agiles2303 » Tue Jan 03, 2012 8:45 am

After clicking on a program we are currently given 2 options.

1. Record Show
2. Record Series

A third option is essential.

3. Watch Show (**Detail Description below)

**This does not mean watch show through browser (or app). This means to change the channel on the media center itself. Allowing users to never need to use a remote again to control their TV viewing. The simplest method would be to steal the commands from the Remote Control feature already in Remote Potato so that when you click "Watch Show" Remote Potato sends a command to the Media Center of "Channel Number" and "Enter" as if the user was on the Remote Control page of Remote Potato and actually entered the number of the channel and pressed enter. Except clicking "Watch Show" does it automatically.
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