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Re: Media Center Application

Postby Sysmg2 » Tue May 01, 2012 12:22 am

sccrgoalie1 wrote:Currently I am just trying to replicate the Media Center features to make a very usable guide. The point of this addin is to allow for multiple pc's to share one main recording "server." By using this addin you can view and set recordings on that remote box. It is a step closer to allowing PC's to be "extenders." I think it is really the missing piece as you can already share recordings, but now you can share guide listings as well.

Also, because it is based on remote potato it is also accessible across the internet in a familiar Media Center view.

It's great that you can control the guide across the internet. However, I find the silverlight web interface of remote potato to be unreliable for viewing content across the internet. Is there any chance that you would add remote streaming over the internet to your addin?

I am trying to replace a slingbox, remote potato seems great, but the silverlight interface for streaming is lacking (sometimes doesn't stream, other times it stalls, or gets errors). Streaming works great on my iPhone.
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