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Re: Windows Mobile 6 WVGA Client [Updated 8/12/2010]

PostPosted: Mon Jun 13, 2011 8:52 am
by nealhasit
Hi All,

Firstly thank you to all "remote potatos" developing the remote potato app - its awsome!

I have (Nealy) all working as expected and it is excellent - I have also since downloaded and utilised the Smart Potato app.

My Problem that i cant seem to fix:

Despite (nearly) all working well - i cant get recorded TV to play on my mobile device. Via a web page and useing HTML page i dont get any sound or vidio but when useing smart potato app. all works like a charm other than i get no video (so i get sound and all plays just no image shows and the screen stays black)

My phone is an HTC HD2 running windows 6.5 and windows media player mobile 10.

Streaming on a PC over the internet works fine and is excelent.

can anyone advise where I might start?

Thank you in advance.