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Streaming Question

Postby echampignon » Tue Aug 16, 2011 6:54 pm

Great Product!
But I am having an issue streaming recorded TV files in HD to my Version 1 of the iPad. The stream stops for a couple seconds and then stops and this just constantly repeats.
My Windows 7 Media Center has 4 gigs of memory and a dual core 3.10 Ghz i5 processor.

If I access content from my Windows 7 laptop via IE9 at work via our wireless network everything works great. I hit the website, choose recorded TV, Silver Live and Very High for the stream, I do not get any stopping and starting.
If I access the same content from work via the same wireless network and choose HD quality the content starts and stops.

So I am wondering if this is related to my iPad or is it a processing issue on my Media Center PC.
Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
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