Connecting to PC with IPad

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Connecting to PC with IPad

Postby PaulJames » Sat May 26, 2012 4:43 pm


Can you please help or explain, I have spent hours trying to connect my Ipad to my PC. I really want to use the music browser that you have as it works with tags and not folders.

Have tried to log in with the details below that were given in set up and instlation

Local Network

Port 9080

This keeps giving me, Error Contacting Remote Potato Server: Could not connect.

But strangley when I used the URL that Splashtop streamer is using ( it connects. the Remote Potato will stream my video and show my photo's but will not fetch any music it just quits out and crashes.

I have set up port forwarding for the ports and I.P. as above but I don't thing that is necessary for home networking

I only want to stream with my own home network please help, I know it probalby something simple but I'm not getting it.

Please help I don't want to have wasted money
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Re: Connecting to PC with IPad

Postby andreaseide » Sun Jun 10, 2012 6:05 am

First, only works internally on the server, so you must use your other internal network adress. looks right.
As for getting music to work you have to open the settings app on your server, stop it and click the music library button.
Then enter your server username and password again.
If it still wont work, you can try setting folders manually. (Same place)
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