Streaming locking up, despite powerfull pc & portforwarding

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Streaming locking up, despite powerfull pc & portforwarding

Postby GaryDZ » Thu Aug 25, 2011 7:37 pm

I am pretty new to this and I read everything I could find trying to solve my problem. I managed to get my port forwarding settings done and can access recorded material remotly, but my streaming is locking up pretty much all the time... I even lowered the quality to the lowest setting.

Is there anywhere or any one I can send my log files to to help me trouble shoot. I do not think it is a "slow" computer issue or Slow Internet.

My Media Center is an Intel i5-2300 with 6gig ram. The computer has a Ceton Tuner Card.
I am connecting wireless to a router with N-protocol. It has 5-bars (Excellent).

I am conneced to the internet using Fiber-optics and my Ping is 5ms My D/L speed is 21 Mbps, my Upload speed 16.4Mbps.

My CPU usage at the time of the last freeze was 4% with 40% memory usage.

Any ideas?


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Re: Streaming locking up, despite powerfull pc & portforward

Postby PeeWee » Fri Aug 26, 2011 6:40 am

Hi Gary,

I split your post to a separate topic so we can find it better in the future.

I have a few suggestions, some collected from the thread

- your portforwarding seems correct, otherwise you wouldn't be able to access the RP interface & start streaming in the first place.
- your pc is well equiped, altough 4% is very low, i suspect streaming was not active at that point. I except cpu loads in the region of 20-60% with qualities ranging from the lowest to the highest while streaming.
- is streaming working inside your LAN without freezes? If so, this rules out RP and your PC as the culprint.
- are you running Microsoft Essentials? This has caused problems for others. Uninstall it temporarily if applicable.
- your ISP could be a factor, in the thread above, the problem turned out to be related to the ISp's connection box right outside the house.

Good luck, keep us informed.
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